AIL California - Meet the Team

Ryan Stenglein

AIL Regional General Agent

About Ryan Stenglein

Ryan Stenglein serves labor union members throughout southern California. Ryan started his career in Crystal, Minnesota in December 2001. His mentor at the time was Rob Hay, currently AIL Chief Marketing Officer. While still an agent, Ryan was asked to move to Washington and became a Supervising Agent there in July 2002. Within 5 months, Ryan earned his promotion to Master General Agent, and nine months later his Regional General Manager promotion. Ryan is currently State General Agent for Los Angeles.

Ryan has served many markets with American Income Life, including Alaska, Idaho, Washington, and since June of 2006, southern California.

After receiving his degree in anthropology and English literature from Northern Arizona University, Ryan worked in construction to save money to travel South America. Over the course of 8 months, Ryan visited Bolivia , Costa Rica, Nicaraqua, Panama, and Peru. Upon returning to the United States, Ryan joined AIL.

Ryan’s favorite thing about AIL is to see so many people, with so many different backgrounds make such a good income with the company.

Ryan lives in Long Beach California, in the community in which he serves. He enjoys skiing, going to concerts, and reading fiction books.

Ashlynn Orng

AIL Regional General Agent - Orange County

About Ashlynn Orng

Thailand born, but a true California native, Ashlynn Orng was raised understanding the value of strong work ethic and where it would take her. Working her way through school, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Otis College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles. Afterwards, she continued working at the same interior design firm she had in college, but after 7 years and rising to #2 in a 500-person company, she had hit the glass ceiling. “There was no more left for me to grow,” she says.

Ashlynn found AIL-Altig, and after her first interview, she knew she had found the career she wanted. “I didn’t know the industry, but I knew my own work ethic. At AIL-Altig, what you achieve is the direct result of the effort you put it in. You promote yourself on your merit—and that’s exactly what I was looking for.” Within 30 days of being hired in 2007, Ashlynn was promoted to Supervising Agent. 10 months later, she earned her Master General Agent contract. Then in April of 2012, she moved for the opportunity to take over the Chicago office. Record weeks and success followed, and she soon had the opportunity to help lead another office in Nashville. Within 18 months, she mentored one of her agents to his Master General Agent contract and developed the personal recruiting culture that is still going strong there today.

In April of 2014, she moved back home to California to help lead the Orange County office. Since then, she has achieved Board of Directors twice, and in July 2015, broke her own personal production record of $72K in one month! In November, her office was named 2015 Top Workplaces by the Orange County Register, based on team member evaluations on compensation, benefits, work satisfaction and social responsibility. “With my team, I continually strive to create a work culture they want to be a part of and to foster relationships outside of work,” says Ashlynn.

“I love that AIL-Altig is very family-driven. When you mentor someone, you mentor them not only for business, but to be a better personal all-around. Because of my career, I have been able to help my parents retire, put my siblings through college, make a very comfortable lifestyle for myself, and secure the financial future for my family.” Moving forward, Ashlynn wants to be appointed to Vice President of Sales and develop new leaders and territories, expanding into Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. Ashlynn currently lives in Orange County, CA, with her fiancée Tyler and three dogs. She enjoys exploring new countries and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Kyle Schroeder

AIL Regional General Agent - Chico

About Kyle Schroeder

Kyle Schroeder was born in Elgin, Illinois, and lived for over 13 years in Boise, Idaho, studying Radiology at Boise State University before moving to Chico, California. Initially looking for part-time work, Schroeder found the opportunity at AIL-Altig and was attracted to the pride and ownership of building something through hard work that it presented.

Motivated by training people and seeing them get to his position, Schroeder was appointed to Master General Agent 10 months into the business and appointed to Regional General Agent in November of 2016. In his new position of Regional General Agent, Schroeder is looking forward to the chance to expand the reach of AIL-Altig and take on the responsibility of running more offices.

Schroeder believes that AIL-Altig and his mentors have given him the skills, the mentality and the work ethic to stay persistent and he wants to continue the chain with those new to the business. Schroeder believes in the upward mobility of AIL-Altig and loves that he can achieve bigger and better things every step of the way.

Schroeder credits his success to perseverance and setting up the proper support system. Kyle currently resides in Chico with his fiancée and daughters and enjoys playing sports, video and board games in his free time.

Zavier Borchelt

AIL Regional General Agent - Chico